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Inspection Types & Fees 

4-Point Inspection - $95

4-Point Inspections are used by insurance companies to determine if the home is insurable, and at what rate they will charge.  


The 4 points are:

1. Plumbing

2. Electric

3. Heating/Cooling

4. Roof Condition

Wind Mitigation Inspection - $95


The Wind Mitigation Inspection is another type referenced by insurance companies to determine what, if any, discounts are available.

Roof Certification Inspection - $75

The Roof Certification is also used by insurance companies to determine rates based on type of material, estimated age and estimated life remaining.

8-Point or Full Home Inspection - From $250

The 8-Point or Full Home Inspection is used by either a buyer or seller to determine if there are any visible defects in the home.  These are safety inspections, not code inspections.  They can help give peace of mind for what is to many the largest purchase of their lives.  

Radon Testing - Contact Us

While many people are under the impression there is no radon in Florida, it can be anywhere.  We are state certified to take measurements if you feel you are at risk.  

Bundle Packaging - Contact Us

Some insurance companies require more than one type of inspection.  In cases such as these, we can discount pricing when multiple inspections are done in the same trip.  

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